The Right House


Finding the right rental property can sometimes seem harder than buying. Because the need to rent is often driven by circumstances which demand a swift move, we work quickly on your behalf.

The Right House can support you with either short- or long-term rental properties.

Finding a rental property you can call home.

How we can help you with your rental

  1. Rental property search

    We start by identifying a short list of suitable properties, which we visit ourselves to assess their suitability. When we have a selection that meets your criteria, we invite you to view the properties.

  2. Rental property administration

    Once you’ve chosen a rental property, we’ll negotiate the tenancy agreement on your behalf to achieve the best terms for you. Know this much – where there’s a will, there’s a way. We find a way around seemingly insurmountable problems such as a no-pets policies, and work with landlords to ensure properties suit your style. We even negotiated a swimming pool installation on one client’s behalf.

    We can also help you with your move – from supporting you with the move itself to advising you with setting up domestic support and utilities.

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