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The issues surrounding a house move can be complex and daunting. We can advise clients on all aspects of moving, including, timing, sale of any property for those unfamiliar with it. This includes both international and UK clients who may not have experienced the property market in many years.

A house move can be complex & daunting.

How we can help you

  1. Presenting your property for sale

    We can apply our expertise and knowledge to help sell your property on the best possible terms.

    Choosing the right agent is crucial to a successful sale; let us advise you on the best agent for your property. By acting on your behalf, we’ll work with your estate agent to get you the best deal possible. From appointing an agent and ensuring they produce the best marketing details to carrying out the steps necessary for a swift exchange and completion, we’ll help take the strain out of selling your property and be your representative at all times.

    We also apply our experience and expertise to ensure your property is presented in the best possible light. From repositioning your furniture and artwork to brightening up a room with a fresh coat of paint, we’ll show your home in a way that will attract target buyers and help achieve the best possible price.

  2. Investment Property Finders

    Supporting your property investments with experience and knowledge.

    Purchasing investment property is a specific skill. It requires commitment, expertise and skill to find property that has a high probability of achieving specific investment goals.

    We will help you identify a shortlist of candidate properties which fulfil your investment requirements. This includes the risk profile of the properties, the rental potential within the local marketplace, the relative and absolute value of the properties being considered and potential yield profiles.

    We will also help you negotiate the best terms. If you are building a portfolio, we can assist you with short-, medium- and long-term investment strategies. We can provide operational and management support services with our network of trusted partners.

  3. Land Acquisition

    Thanks to the numerous land acquisition projects that The Right House has supported, we can appreciate that securing the right opportunity can be a challenge. Whether it be choosing a plot, selling off gardens, demolishing an existing property to make way for a new home or acquiring something altogether more unusual, The Right House will support you through the search and buying process.

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